May 2018


N E W S 

30 June – 7 October 2018                                                                                                THE INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF CERAMICS IN FAENZA, Italy                                CERAMIC NOW 60th FAENZA PRIZE – SPECIAL EDITION                                

In 2018 the prize celebrates 80 years and the 60th edition the historic International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art, “Faenza Prize”, is the long-lasting and remarkable recognition in the world of ceramic art. Starting from 1938, it became a fundamental event firstly for Italian ceramic Art and then, from 1964, for the international context, in 1989 it became a biennial event…. 

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18 -27 January 2019                                                                                     KUNSTNERNES HUS, OSLO                                                                                   FORSKNINGSUKEN / ARTISTIC RESEACH WEEK      

UTSTILLING: Mineraler og naturfenomener – en regelbasert utforskning for å utvikle kunstneriske uttrykk” er arbeidstittelen på mitt stipendiatprosjekt laget under Program for Kunstnerisk Utviklingsarbeid (PKU) på Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo i perioden 2014-2019. 
Prosjektet vises i sin helhet på Kunstnernes Hus i et eget rom. Utstillingen vil bestå av en serie resultater (keramikk, tegning, fotografi), samt tekstlige refleksjoner som vil gi et innblikk prosjektets ulike faser og prosesser.

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August 2019

GALLERI FORMAT, OSLO                                                                                     SEPERAT UTSTILLING  



CURRENTLY :  I am working as a Artistic Research Fellow with the project : Minerals and Natural Phenomena – a rule-based exploration to develop artistic expression at the National Academy of the Arts (Art and Craft department) in Oslo, Norway.


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Studies of strata and crack formations _Slab #3 (bright), 26.05.2015-05.01.2018 (2018) 227 layers of ceramic materials, reduction fired 4 times between layers to 1200C, 1100C, 950C, and 1240C. Size (including metal frame): 136 cm x 150 cm
Studies of layers in ceramic slices, 9 drawings (2018) Collages with photostatic copies of layered ceramic cross sections, and pencil drawing overlays. The cross sections are slices of a ceramic slab consisting of 34 layers of different clay types, and the drawings are systems based on geometric properties of selected layers in combination with a random element generated by throwing a die. Sizes: 32,4 cm x 45 cm

Looking at snow, thinking of mountains
I walk down a road. Parts of the asphalt are still covered by ice, where the sun has yet to get a grip. The snowploughs have left a meter high, compact, vertical wall of snow by the side of the road. The clean-cut flank reveals grey wave-shaped lines, air pollution captured between cleaner layers of snow of varying thickness. It is getting warmer, and in the coming weeks the snow will gradually sink and melt.
Next year I will walk the same road and find a similar wall of snow, but the form and lines will differ. What parameters have changed, and how are the layers affected by these changes? It might have been a colder winter, the cold periods could have been interrupted by sudden heat waves, or the traffic might have been redirected for a week or two.
The wall of snow resembles many other forms that I see in the landscape, regardless of scale, time and matter. Huge mountain ranges, small desert roses and the branches of trees – they all emerge over time through simple repeating processes, influenced by various external factors. When I look at this particular wall of snow, I get a glimpse into a language of form that connects rather than tears apart.
I am looking at snow, thinking of mountains.

skissebok: Keramisk plate, om stratigrafiske lag.

Stratigrafisk plate no 9. 2016 To sider av samme plate, størrelse 80 x 120 x 12 cm, 30 forskjellige typer leire i lag, brent til 1200 grader, med lokal reduksjon. Foto: Markus Li Stensrud

Kvikkleireraset i Kattmarka Nord-Trøndelag 2009, et av mine utgangspunkt for stipendiatprosjektet.